Baby Galore
My name is Baby, Baby Galore. It’s obviously not my real name but I haven’t been called anything else since I was around 7-8 years old. I love being Baby and being educated and serving as a Baby shall do. Will you be one of those who teach me? I was born 1984 so not young by age but very much young all other ways. I LOVE to dress like a very very young girl and I LOVE to be a little toy girl serving men, women and girls. I also like being a strict Dom to young girls who needs to know their place. My favorite Sub is India Galore (you can find her here on Galore Models). I am (very obviously) an exhibitionist who gets wet every time I see others watching my and my GaloreModel friends nude and erotic images on their phones or computers (I LOVE opening our site while using public computers in airports and leave the computer with a nude image of myself on the screen). And I’m also a passionate masturbator but who isn’t? I don’t know anyone hi hi. All the girls here in the GaloreModels office masturbate several times per day so I’m far from the only one. But as I started to state, my favorite obsession is to be a little doll. A little baby doll for boys, men, women and girls to play with, dress and use as they feel for – alone or in a big group of friends who just want to have and use me as their very special little baby who never says no or stop. Do I have other, not 100% sex related interests? Of course. I love my Assistant Manager job here at GaloreModels which gives me a chance to serve clients from many different countries and gives me a chance to see other girls acting (I think it’s healthy that it’s not me and my crazy interests that are portrayed in front of the cameras all the time ha ha). I also love, I mean realy, realy LOVE animals. Especially big dogs and horses. And YES, you guessed right. I have enlarged my tits but my long and hard nipples are real! If you want to know more about my interests and dreams I suggest you have look at my account on Flickr (I think you can get very good idea of what I like and what I dream of if you have a look at all the images I have among my Favorites. Open this link and click Favrites in the top navigation. Hope my dreams and fantasies will not shock you. XXX PS. If you’re lucky enough to live in South Africa and have a Vodacom mobile subscription, you can see videos of me and my fav sub (and our friends) on your phone.