My full name is Su 1 Joy. I born in March 1984 to poor family. I very petite; 153 cm, 41 kg, 88 cm bust, 60 cm waist and 86 cm hips. I have five sisters and one brother. All them much older than me. I have alway had easy at school even though I alway was shy and try keep away as much possible from others but as I say, me from poor family so had to drop out Uni studies when got daughter while only be 21. I have work factories, markets, hairdresser, makeup artist, nude model, massage girl and offices. I have alway do whatever need do to finance education, help family and after give birth to daughter, make sure her get best possible education (I want her become a Doctor one day). Life has no no be easy, but me have alway try study and learn more more whenever get chance. Me eventually learn English and that main reason me manage move away from former job in market and factory and move to Bangkok where me have great jobs, my own condo, car and a good good life for me and daughter. My English knowledge has give me access to better pay jobs and much much different opportunity in life and that is reason why me have add one more job to already long long list jobs: me promote English and Thai Language Education and that probably first job in me life me really feel can make good difference, no no only for I and family but for all all people be born into life same same me (and all farang business people who like understand Thai woman same same me)! Me new job education inspirational speaker and learning coach is one reason me have create profile social media (other reason is that me want earn more money hi hi hi). Me want all all girl who born poor same same me to open eyes and understand there is big big world which can give so so much more than local village, if only speak and write English. Me talk talk much to other girl same same me but WHO WOULD LISTEN ME IF THEY NO NO SEE NO NO HEAR PROOF WHAT ME CLAIM ABOUT ME LIFE IS TRUE? That is reason why me sometime at seminar is more more sexy and show more more body than other teacher. Me must be 100 100 sure that girl use time see I, listen I, understand we same same. Have look look at me Favorites on Flickr at or follow me tweets on twitter at: @Su1Joy_Galore (can also send email: if really want to know what girl like me, what teacher like me, dream about! Hope you no no get shock by me hate love relation to public humiliation and pain. Me actually much much shy person and really really scared abou get hurt and pain. Your Joy PS. Me have glam clips on Vodacom South Africa Adult Fun portal. Me sooo sooo excit. It first time me on mobile operator own portal (wish more more mobile operator wanted I hi hi hi) AND is first time me content is sold in Africa!!! Hope can go Africa on promotion tour soooooon. Me sooo sooo excite see Zulu people and experience Zulu people tradition (hope they let me participate in traditional naked dance hi hi hi). Their life look sooo sooo similar to way me was brought up in much much poor farmer family in small small poor village.