BitVids Support

This FAQ provides answers to basic questions about BitVids.

  • What is BitVids?

    We want to make it simple and cheap for content creators to sell their videos using cryptocurrency. We want to make the process as painless on the buyer side as well — think instant, anonymous payments.

  • Am I protected while using BitVids?

    We keep customers safe using a secure escrow system of two irreversible transactions: Your funds are first sent to BitVids and locked in escrow until after the sale is fulfilled. Once the sale has completed, the seller becomes eligible for distribution of funds from our wallet.

    We promise fast service and your money back if anything goes wrong.

    BitVids Guarantee: customers are covered for any technical issue with payments up to $10,000.

  • How long do I have to wait after making a purchase?

    For Bitcoin purchases under $100, we complete the purchase almost immediately — we use a confidence interval to accept payments with zero confirmations.

    For Bitcoin purchases over $100, we wait for 1 network confirmation which typically take 10 minutes to complete.

  • How do giveaways work?

    Every few days, we would like to offer a free video for a short period of time. The model still gets paid in full – the cost is covered by us.

    The first buyer to start an order with the giveaway item will lock in the free item. The giveaway ends if the buyer completes the payment or resumes if the buyer’s payment expires after 30 minutes.

    Since we’re running this as an experiment to gauge interest in using Bitcoin as a currency for porn purchases, we still require you to go through the checkout process and send a real payment.

    For giveaway items, we set a discounted rate of 99% and ask you to pay 1% of the video cost. After the payment confirms, we will refund your 1% payment within 24 hours.

    For example, for a $20 video giveaway, you would checkout and pay $0.20. Enjoy your video and receive $0.20 back from us within 24 hours.

    Follow us on Twitter for announcements on when giveaways happen. Also, keep an eye out for an app-wide banner announcing the giveaway.

  • Are there fees for using BitVids?

    For buyers, there is no fee on top of the purchase price.

    For sellers, we currently collect 15% of every payment. As our user base grows, we will be able to continue lowering our share of the revenue.

  • Do you support purchasing packs of videos?

    Yes! You can buy video bundles by adding items to your cart before checking out. In the future, we may offer discounts for buying video bundles.

  • Do you support video subscriptions?

    Not yet. This feature is coming soon!

  • How does payout work? Are there minimum withdrawal limits?

    We currently pay out on a daily basis to your Bitcoin address.

    There is currently no payout minimum. We keep fees low on our side by batching transactions. This means that even the smallest amount will get included in the daily payout schedule.

    Daily payout includes video sales for models as well as affiliate earnings for any account type.

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