BitVids Support

This FAQ provides answers to basic questions about BitVids.

  • Why not just use ManyVids?

    You can! We encourage you to post your videos to as many clip sites as you wish. The advantage of hosting on BitVids is you will get paid directly in Bitcoin with the largest revenue share possible.

  • Why don’t I just sell directly to buyers? Isn’t Bitcoin about decentralization?

    BitVids is made for models that want to get paid in Bitcoin without knowing or necessarily caring about how it works. In addition, we provide free video hosting and content discoverability that wouldn’t be available when selling direct.

  • How do I get started?

    Complete a few quick steps to sign up as a model:

    1. Sign up as a model
    2. Start an ID verification
    3. Once the ID upload is approved, you can set up your store

    Now your store is ready to start collecting Bitcoin payments. To get in on the daily payouts, attach a Bitcoin address on the payout page.

  • Who owns the rights to my videos?

    You own the rights to the content you create and upload on BitVids.

  • How do custom video requests work?

    A custom request begins when a buyer submits a request using the 'Request Custom Video' button on your profile page. You will be notified by email and both parties can discuss details via chat on the request page.

    The buyer must first send payment to you. Afterwards, you can upload your video and finalize video details. At that point, the custom request is considered complete.

    Escrow is not currently supported but is coming soon.

    You can adjust custom video prices or disable custom video requests on the settings page.

  • Why do all videos get an automatic discount?

    The discount gives buyers an incentive to pay with cryptocurrency on our platform. The discount is fully covered by BitVids and does not impact model earnings.

  • How long should a preview video be for my upload?

    When you upload a video, we auto-generate a preview video using the middle 10 seconds of the video.

    You can upload your own preview video which can be at most 20 seconds long. If it exceeds 20 seconds, we will use the first 20 seconds of the preview video.

  • What quality will my uploaded video be?

    For viewing in the browser, we convert all videos to .mp4 and .webm formats to support the widest range of devices possible. however, we keep an exact copy of the original video which the viewer may download upon purchase.

  • What file types and file sizes are supported for video uploads?

    Currently, we support a max upload size of 5GB. We accept most popular video formats and codecs.

    If you’re seeing a message like Video upload or conversion failed, this is most often caused by one of the following:

    • Upload timeout during a large file upload
    • File size above 5GB
    • In rare cases, an unsupported codec or file type

    Please try reuploading the video or contact support.

  • How do I receive money during the daily payout?

    To receive payment for sales made in Bitcoin, you’ll need to enter a Bitcoin address. You can do this at any point down the road. We will track your earnings until we have somewhere to send them. We will re-attempt payment each day until a payment address is connected.

    For now, we ask that you create a wallet using a service like Coin and connect an address on the payout page.

    1. Visit Coin
    2. Click 'Create new wallet'
    3. Click 'Generate passphrase'
    4. Copy the passphrase (important)
    5. Click 'Set your PIN'
    6. Set a PIN
    7. Click 'Receive' at the top of the screen
    8. Look for 'Your wallet address' and copy the address to your BitVids payout page

  • Do I need to show my face?

    This is not required for your publicly uploaded photos/videos. We do require you to show your face during the ID verification step.

  • What is a verified star account?

    A verified star account is a model account that is featured on the stars page. To be upgraded to a star, your account needs to meet the following basic requirements:

    • ID verification complete
    • Six videos uploaded
    • Profile details completed (profile photo, username, description)

    We encourage models to upload high resolution videos and photos.

  • How are models ranked on the stars page?

    Models on the stars page are automatically ranked based on a few factors such as how frequently videos are submitted, user engagement (number of sales, likes and plays) as well as actual video quality.

    Our goal with automatic ranking is to reward models that submit high-quality content to BitVids. Submitting good content at a regular pace should be enough to rank highly on the stars page.

  • What is the BitVids badge?

    We want to reward models that send their cam stream viewers to BitVids. We give an automatic 5% revenue bonus when a BitVids image is added next to a cam stream.

    In addition, any viewers that sign up for BitVids and make a purchase will earn the model commission through the affiliate program.

    For instructions on how to set up the badge, check out the payout page.

  • What cam sites can be used with the BitVids badge?

    We whitelist the following cam site domain names:


    Please note that only has been extensively tested. If one of the domains listed is not working, your cam site of choice is missing from the list or you would like to use the badge on your personal site, please email us.

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